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What to Expect at Advantage Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

The first time you come into our office, we want you to feel like you already know what’s involved with each visit. Here, you can find information about what will happen during your initial and subsequent appointments with us.

Let’s Get Started

Advantage Chiropractic and RehabilitationYou’ll come in and fill out some new patient paperwork with the help of our friendly staff. Then, you’ll sit down with Dr. Shroba to discuss your health history. He’ll give you a thorough examination involving various types of testing to give a full picture of your health. If we have to take X-rays, we’re able take them on-site.

After the exam, Dr. Shroba will give a report of findings. He will explain his diagnosis and then, based on his findings, describe a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.  If needed, your treatment can begin on that same day.

Be sure and bring your insurance information with you to this visit. We’ll call your carrier to check your benefits and go through financials with you the next time you come in.

Plan on spending at least an hour with us when you come for your initial visit to Advantage Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.

Regular Visits

After your first visit, you’ll begin your regular chiropractic care plan. Dr. Shroba will take his time during each of your appointments, making sure he addresses your concerns and evaluates your changing needs. Your appointments will take up to 45 minutes, depending on your condition.

Your Care is Your Choice

Many people believe that if they see a chiropractor once, they’ll have to go for the rest of their lives. That is not true in our office. Some people do find they benefit from periodic treatment to help prevent recurrences of their condition and to prevent pain and stiffness. This is termed “wellness care”. This is never mandatory and your care is up to you.

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about chiropractic care and rehabilitating your health. Call us today! (708) 425-0770